I used to be scared to dye my hair with any colorant up until three years ago when I decided to chop my long locks. You see, with short hair, you can do pretty much whatever without feeling guilty that you're slowly killing your hair with chemicals. After all, all those "dead" and damaged part of your strands gets cut off anyway every trim time. However, when trying to grow out your short 'do to long 'do again, the effort doubles up as you need to make sure that your grown out hair isn't going to break or fall. 

 This is when John Freida Frizz-ease Creme Serum Overnight Repair Formula comes in with great help. I'm such a lazy lad when it comes to waiting in salons for my hair to absorb all the treatment it needs from hot-oil treatments. I'd really prefer to make use of an hour of my waking time doing something productive rather than sitting on the chair with bad tabloid magazines. So finding out that there's a product out there that you can apply on your strands and works during your sleep was a huge relief for me. This silicon-based serum is designed to combat those elements and repair dry, damaged and frizzy hair while you sleep. The light formula absorbs quickly, so there will be no signs of product on your pillows. 
Infused with Damage Mending Technology and calming chamomile extract, this luxurious formula envelops each hair strand to stimulate deep transformational mending while you sleep.  This midnight - mender visibly repairs breakage & split ends, and deeply nourishes to add back much needed moisture.  In the morning, hair texture is dramatically improved and feels silky soft. One of the best hair products there is on the market, I say! I've been using it for two weeks now, probably 3 times a week and my hair looks more healthy and vibrant. Try it yourself! I got mine from Target for $10.