You'd know a certain fashion house or brand is growing when it starts expanding. And what better way to do so than by growing your business from fashion to the beauty industry. This seemed to be a trend that started a couple of years ago when such designers such as Tom Ford and Michael Kors diversified their business from apparel to cosmetics. Today, one of my favorite designers, Oscar de la Renta, just launched to the public its to-die-for first-ever beauty products in its line -- nail polishes. 

The nail lacquers were first unveiled at Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2013 Bridal Show. Three of the nail lacquers were introduced on the runway: Red Carnation, bold and feisty; Aubergine, a glossy rich eggplant; and Larimar, a baby blue hue that's fast becoming the cult favorite. Personally, I prefer Aubergine and Red Carnation. I'm not a fan of pastels and am more inclined to wear dark lacquers. 

What's thrilling me even more is hearing that the designer is following up the nail game with an upcoming collection of six more polishes and lipsticks. Hopefully the other nail colors and lipstick options will prove equally gorgeous. And on a side note, his powerhouse has also already introduced his own sunscreen. We can only expect good things to come after this.


The three colors retail for $22 and is exclusively available in

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