Orange lipstick is one of those bold makeup choices that I always thought was more about the attitude of the wearer than anything about their complexion, style, or any other superficial trait. There's no better time to test your bold attitude than now when the red carpet and runways have been flocked by celebs sporting the funkier version of the classic red. Tangerine, tomato, copper, coral, peach, mango and even a cinnamon orange lipstick is very becoming this year for events, shows and even street wear. 

Who can wear orange lipstick? Well, I say anyone who dares to! If you are of light hair color or has fair skintone, opt for a coral shade of orange such as Make-up Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #40 Satin Bright Orange. As for those with dark brown to black hair, aim for a tomato red-orange shade like Yves Saint Laurant Pure Lipstick in Orange Shiver. In my own personal opinion, I feel a bright glossy orange lipstick looks great on anyone with a tan or light-dark olive skintone. Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Orange Flip is my personal favorite.

The secret to making this shade work for you is to stay away from cool colors (for both clothes and other make-up) and go for warmer ones. Avoid pastels as these contradict the boldness that is of an orange lipcolor. I suggest wearing it with just an an ample amount of bronzer coupled with a few coats of mascara. For more boldness add a clear or orange tint gloss over the lipstick. This will make your lips pop out, and gives the lips a little bit of extra moisture and protection.