With a trio of Democratic lawmakers introducing the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 before Congress last week, the green beauty movement has been gaining more speed recently. Just in time for No More Dirty Looks, a new eco-guide to finding safe and clean personal care products. Authors Siobhan O’Connor, an editor at Good magazine, and Alexandra Spunt, a journalist and marketing consultant, decided to pen the book after getting Brazilian blow-outs and wondering which ingredient in the formula smelled so toxic that it caused their throats to burn. (The answer? Formaldehyde.) The duo set out to uncover what other chemicals might be lurking in common beauty products like shampoo, hair spray, moisturizer, mascara, bronzer, and nail polish, in the hopes of sussing out what’s safe and beneficial, and what’s probably worth avoiding. Unlike some other green beauty guides, this read is refreshingly free of preachiness or judgment. O’Connor and Spunt seem to understand that not everyone will be game for sprinkling baking powder under their arms as deodorant or giving up highlights altogether. Instead, the book lays out all the facts and leaves it up to the reader to decide what next steps to take. Each chapter specifically focuses on your hair, your face, your body, etc., and includes a helpful breakdown of ingredients as well as recommendations for green beauty finds. Throughout the pages, eco-experts like Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients founder Horst Rechelbacher offer aha tips on topics like washing your hair backward (applying conditioner first, then shampoo) and how that’s actually healthier for strands. No More Dirty Looks might not be your typical beach read, but it’s got enough real intrigue to keep you turning the pages.