Admit it, it happened to you once or twice in this lifetime. As the day ends and when we’re all too tired or too lazy to do our nightly cleansing routine, we easily give in to the pitfalls of not completely removing makeup before hitting the sack.

Knowing that most women keeps this dirty secret of sleeping with makeup on, Nivea decided to finally bring in their cleansing wipes that were only once available in other countries. Last week, I had the pleasure to have been invited by Nivea, together with nine other beauty gurus, to an exclusive slumber party to experience these cleansing wipes.

The cozy lounge of Picasso Boutique Hotel was the perfect venue to host Nivea's relaxing event.

We were all pampered with different spa treatments like manicures, pedicures, massages etc.

The event was hosted by the fun and hilarious Sam Oh, who gave us a bit of beauty trivia while we were having our spa treatments.

Everyone had the freedom to do what they wish. Some were going around, mingling with fellow beauty aficionados while some of us were enjoying our spa sessions.

During our relaxing spa sessions, Sam asked us what our favourite makeup looks are. But the conversations turned into a back and forth chitchat with the girls on how important it is to sleep with a clean face by following a nightly cleansing routine. Most of us in the room admitted that we struggle to trade our tedious makeup-removing routine to more minutes of a good night’s sleep. And there came in our simple answer -- shorten the routine with the new Nivea Cleansing Wipes! It can turn your usual 30-minute routine to less than five minutes. It’s very handy that it can be part of your everyday stash. Bring it anywhere you go feeling refreshed and clean.

Removing my makeup with Nivea Cleansing Wipe

With two (2) variants to choose from, Gentle Cleansing Wipes and 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes, you can now instantly eliminate makeup residue and other facial impurities with its three-step effect. 

The Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes softly cleanses the face as it removes makeup and waterproof mascara, hydrates using the Hydra IQ moisture effect, and nourishes with Almond Oil extract. This is ideal for users with dry and sensitive skin. 

While the Nivea 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes combines three effects to make face pure and smooth. First step is to deeply cleanse the skin by using the soft side of the wipes to remove makeup. Next is to exfoliate dead cells using the textured side to reveal a more refined look. Third is to secure the face with a special anti-bacterial formula with active Magnolia extract that prevents impurities without irritating the skin. 

The beaded texture of this special wipe variant ensures deep cleansing & exfoliating.

With these cleansing wipes, you can escape the terrifying effects of sleeping with an unclean face -- from acne-causing bacteria dwelling in the pores, dull and dehydrated look due to breakdown of natural collagen and elastin, to the oxidative stress coming from cosmetic chemicals and pollution accumulated during the day. 

After our session, we were asked to go back to our own rooms to change into the Uniqlo lounge wear they've provided us for our restorative yoga session.

The contemporary spacious room of Picasso Boutique Hotel all for myself that night!

Uniqlo lounge wear provided to us by Nivea for the yoga session.

Thanks to Urban Ashram Yoga Manila for our restorative yoga session.

The NIVEA Gentle Cleansing Wipes and 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes are exclusively available in all Watsons branches nationwide.usively available in all Watsons branches nationwide.