Always complaining that I 'shine' easily midday, I notice that that rarely happens. I don't know if it's just because I'm months away from turning 30 and my skin is slowly in the ageing process of producing less oil, or that the rainy season just makes anyone's skin a bit drier than usual. 

Two months ago, I dug up my personal beauty shelf to see the moisturisers I have in hand and tried about ten of them and rank the top three. I couldn't decide on the third one so I decided to review the best four. 

1. Physiogel Cream

Physiogel did a revamp of their skincare products just months ago but I haven't had the chance to get hold of one as I still am using the last few tubes that I received from them last January. If there's a holy grail for moisturisers suited for all skin types, this is it my friends. It's hypoallergenic and the physiological lipids it contains protect and restore healthy skin. Since the months are slowly becoming colder, it's necessary to put moisturiser at night. And if you sleep with the AC on, the more you should slather this on! Since it's non-comedogenic, this is also what I give to my goddaughters and godsons to help soothe the typical baby rash. 

2. Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener 

Unlike nighttime skincare, your morning ritual calls for simplicity. It is so so so important to wear SPF during the day. I always tell my clients that if there's one skincare product not to skip, it's sunscreen. I used to wear Neutrogena Clear Skin sunscreen when I was battling with oily skin. But now, I've switched to Shiseido's White Lucent, a timed release brightening moisturizer for all day hydration and radiance, while protecting the skin against environmental stressors. Not only does it provide broad spectrum protection from the sun, this moisturizer instantly evens the skin tone by releasing brightening effects over time to suppress discoloration and dullness throughout the day. And with Shiseido’s original brightening technology, it helps diminish the look of dark spots.

3. Bioderma Cicabio Crème

I slather this amazing soothing cream on every after Diamond Peel derma visit from my brother's clinic. It's perfect for skin that just underwent superficial peeling, non-abrasive laser treatment or as follow-up to dermatological procedures. I also always make it a point to bring this tube with me when I travel to countries with extreme weather conditions to soothe any untimely irritation, redness, overheating and scaly dryness. It basically restores the epidermis and moisturises, and relieves discomfort. Its "dressing effect" texture protects damaged skin as it has hyaluronic acid and moisturising agents that form a breathable film for optimum skin comfort. 

4. Embryolisse Laît Crème

I don't know any makeup artist who doesn't have this in their kit. Every time I have a client who has flaky dry skin, I immediately slather this on their face and wait for about five minutes before doing my makeup application. I don't know any other moisturiser that can quickly transform dry scaly skin back to normal than Embryolisse. And it also can be used as a to remove makeup, just like how one would use cold cream. Definitely one product to stock up on when you find it across the coast!