Due to a lot of things going on left and right, my skin has been suffering for quite a time now. Dry patches and untimely breakouts happening all at once, I don't know what my skintype is anymore! So, I've found myself leaning towards skincare products that promise instant results. Not that they're just for quick fixes, but these babies have really been helpful during those times of stress and emergencies.

SHISEIDO Ibuki Multi Solution Gel

When I started to notice my skin's been drying out and at the same time breaking out, I was relentless in finding a product that does it all. Shiseido's Ibuki Multi Solution gel promises to do it all by letting skin bounce back from beauty emergencies by minimizing the appearance of acne, breakouts, dryness and visible pores. This high-impact gel helps skin make an easy comeback from the effects of stress, erratic schedules and the environment. After a week of use, I noticed a smoother and less problematic skin.  Breakouts, roughness, dryness and the look of visible pores were diminished. Its exclusive PhytoTarget Complex enhances skin’s natural moisture factors, helping build skin’s resistance to external stressors. 

BIODERMA Cicabio Crème

Right after a facial or peel from my dermatologist brother, I always apply Bioderma's Cicabio Crème — a moisturising repairing cream that relieves discomfort and acts on each skin repair stage.  It's perfect as a follow-up to dermatological procedures such as superficial peels and non-abrasive laser treatments. On days when my skin is exposed to extreme weather conditions, I find that this cream helps minimize redness due to heat and clears up dry patches due to cold climate. It immediately restores the epidermis and relieves discomfort. Cicabio Crème is the second most commonly prescribed product among French dermatologists.

THE BODY SHOP Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum

For those with dry and dull skin, this is the solution! Ultra-nourishing yet lightweight and fast absorbing, this night serum is powered with Shiso Complex for triple boosting action. It contains Shiso complex to help brighten complexion and help neutralise potential darkening free radicals for luminous, clarified skin. Upon waking up, I instantly feel that my skin has been deeply hydrated and looks overall radiant.

KIEHL'S Lip Balm #1

Nothing comes close to this lip balm! It's what I use on myself and on my clients. I apply this to my clients lips before doing their makeup to ensure that lips are supple and ready by the time I need to apply lipstick. It protects, relieve chapped or cracked lips and keeps lips moisturized.

Now, onto my dead locks. More than anything, my hair has been the most abused part of my body. With multiple highlights and skipped salon treatments due to my crazy schedule, it's no wonder my hair is super dry, brittle and unmanageable.

TRESemmé Split Remedy

Thanks to TRESemmé for sending me their Split Remedy system, I now have what I need to tame my hair. Promising to reduce split ends up to 80% after just three uses, this unique system binds split ends — and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. 

I'm on my second week of using the TRESemmé Split Remedy system (shampoo, conditioner and serum) and I must say, my split ends have lessened and my strands look salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style.