My first post after giving birth is to share with you guys the first makeup booking I accepted after giving birth, two months post-partum. It was bittersweet leaving my baby girl for a couple of hours as I missed her terribly (and worried for no reason) but at the same time got really excited to be part of the universe again! I was ecstatic that my first job would be for Shaine's maternity shoot. She had our shoot at 35 weeks pregnant, just like I did last January. Besides all the pregnancy and mommy talks, what made the shoot more fun was working with the creative team of Boudoir Dolls lead by Madoka Tomas & the ever talented Jeff Galang. In the end, I was grateful I forced myself to get back to working and not have missed this shoot. 

Photography by The Boudoir Dolls
Styling by Jeff Galang
Makeup by Dior Co
Hairstyling by Jeri Sebastian