Glasses and makeup altogether tends to be a bit of a tricky topic. I don't have the perfect 20/20 vision but my eyes only need some help when reading small-script texts. As for those who need to where glasses and even for contact lens wearers (you girls still need to give your eyes a rest from those miracle lenses!), glasses can either make your eyes look bigger or smaller, depending on your lens. For example, those who are near-sighted have glass lenses that tend to make their eyes look small, so full on smokey eyes tend to make the eyes look even smaller. Here are some guidelines as to what make-up would accentuate eyes when glasses are worn.
Base and Powder
Complete your usual foundation makeup. It’s probably best to keep your skin matte for the day, as makeup can be smudged as your glasses slide up and down, especially near your eye and nose area. Anything shimmery/dewy/shiny might become too messy to deal with.
Glasses can cast shadows under your eyes, so if you already have dark eyecircles or eyebags, this can make them look even worse. Instead, remember to apply concealer and sweep a layer of loose powder on top of the concealer to really set it – concealer tends to slip and stick onto your glasses, so it’s vital that it stays on.
It’s best to avoid any shimmer of any kind – be it illuminators, shimmer blush, highlighters. It makes the whole face a tad clown-like as there is so much going on. The idea is that your glasses are already a big accessory to your face, so your makeup should compliment it, not try to overpower it.
Depending on your diagnosis and glasses frames, there are two options for this one. If your eye glasses make your eyes appear larger, then it’s best to skip heavy eyeliner and dark shadows – talk about raccoon eyes. Likewise, if your eye glasses make your eyes appear smaller, this is vital too – skip the dark makeup. It will only make your eyes seem smaller and give a ’squinty’ look. Instead, try to keep your eyes looking naturally pretty, as they are. Sweep some light colored shadow on and then apply a thin line of eyeliner. After, apply mascara on your top lash line only. Applying mascara on your bottom lash line could look like dark circles.
And oh, don't forget your brows. You don't want messy brows to be emphasized through your lenses.
Anything goes with lips!