Finally, after months of mourning for Japan, Majolica Majorca (the masstige brand of Shiseido) held their long-awaited grandiose launch party at Opus last Wednesday, June 1. The launch event that was supposedly held in March was postponed to give respect and keep solemn during the unfortunate tragedy that happened in the native origin of this wonderful brand.

Upon entering Opus that was transformed into an enchanted and whimsical wonderland, we were greeted by MJ’s PR team and were given face charts to draw make-up designs on using MJ color make-up. My friends (huge huge fans of the brand) and I enjoyed painting our face charts while sipping on unlimited martinis served by the very friendly staff of Opus. 

I love the medieval-victorian vibe of the set-up!

The crimson lighting gave much drama to the setting.

Our soon-to-be painted face charts
Our fifteen minutes of creativity was disrupted when we were called in to enter the main hall for the program proper. Hosted by the multi-talented Bianca Valerio, the event basically gave us more understanding of the brand that is Majolica Majorca – from the myth that explains the name of the brand to their latest collection "Fake Sleeping" they have in store for us this coming July. 

Host Bianca was undeniably enchanting in her Joel Escober dress.

MJ muses (L-R): Bea Lozano, Stephanie Borlongan and Angeline Gonzales

Thanks to LuxAsia, I went home with a bag of goodies from MJ featuring the uniquely interesting items of Fake Sleeping Collection. Tune in on my next blog post for a review of the entire collection!

MJ goodies (L-R): Pressed Pore Cover, Artistic Nails, Aurora Tear Liner, Majoromantica, Honey Plump Gloss