The more affordable subsidiary brand of Shiseido Japan is now in Manila! Majolica Majorca opened last March 13 in SM Makati where it joined most of the coveted make-up brands we have in the country today. It was real excitement when I first heard from a colleague, who now is handling the make-up brand, that Luxasia finally decided to bring in one of the cutest make-up brands I adored since I was a teenager! 

So I went over to SM Makati cosmetics department as usual to window shop; This time around though, to specifically check out Majolica Majorca’s first counter in Manila. I was greeted by the friendly beauty advisor Macy, whom I immediately approached for help in choosing what make-up to try. She suggested that I try their top-selling items, which consists of mostly eye make-up. 

 MJ's counter reminded me of Anna Sui. But make no mistake MJ's price point's more attractive!

Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara (₱795.00)
This is the most popular product of MJ to date. 

The applicator is similar to Maybelline’s Cat Eye Mascara’s, which is a dual comb instead of a wand.

See the difference. The eye with Lash Expander mascara looked so much more awake as compared to the other eye without it.

My experience: I tried it on my lashes and I instantly saw my eye popped. The intensity was apparent, with my lashes much longer (because of the fibers added to the natural lashes) and blacker. I didn’t get much volume though. Smudge-proof and waterproof, it did last me all night. Also when I removed it with cleansing oil that night, it quickly dissolved which is rare for waterproof formulas. No wonder it’s a best seller!

Brow Customize (refill at ₱295; holder at ₱225)
My favorite part of doing anyone’s make-up is grooming brows. I just needed to try MJ’s Brow Customize, especially that it’s selling like pancakes! 

I chose the slant cut (instead of the super slim cut) since the angled oval lead follows the natural brow shape. Thus, easier to apply. I chose lightest shade BR771 since my brow hair is already dark as it is.

My experience: What I like the most about cartridge-type pencils is that you don’t waste any product because you don’t need to sharpen them. The pigment of Brow Customize is just right for me, not too dark which can look too strong and harsh especially for those sporting thicker arches like me. It also lasted me all night!

Jeweling Eyes (₱795.00)
A quad palette consisting of four shimmery pearlized eyeshadows. I didn’t really want to put any on my eyes since I wasn’t in the mood for any shadows that day, but I did sweep a thin layer of the lightest shadow shade of RD784. 

My experience: The pigments are good, not diluted at all. But the shimmers are too much for me. When I as 18, I used to like it but maybe I’m too old for this now. I also found it hard to apply the product with the sponge applicators that came with the palette. I recommend using eyeshadow brushes to apply the shadows.

Trivia: For those of you who doesn't know, the term “Majolica Majorca” was actually taken from a fantasy legend. It is the magic spell casted by the Goddess of Beauty to an ordinary bird, which transformed into a beautiful creature. The main idea of MJ is to provide women and girls alike make-up that acts similar to a magic potion, making their dream transformation possible.

As the Goddess of Beauty said, “Majolica Majorca!”
Products used on photo above: Lash Expander in BK999 (₱795.00), Brow Customize in BR 771 (₱295.00 & ₱225.00), Jeweling Eyes in RD784 (₱795.00) and Rouge Majex in PK221 (₱795.00). 

Majolica Majorca also carries foundations, powders, blushes, lip glosses and nail polishes at reasonable prices. They'll be widely available soon in leading Watson's  outlets and SM department stores.