The latest on lip make-up innovation? A lip primer that mattifies any lipstick while at the same time providing moisture to the lips. Chapped-lip season is not quite the best time for a matte lip (as most matte-finish lipsticks have drying ingredients that flakes the lips). As temperatures continue their downward spiral and our shiny lip balm usage continues to climb, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a perfectly glisten-less texture. But leave it to Serge Lutens to offer up a solution. The make-up maestro’s super-moisturizing Lip Comfort packs ingredients like half-matte powder and Prismatic Powder B into its emollient formula, so you’re left with a soft, shine-free mouth. Some high-profile catwalk cameos at Spring shows like Marc Jacobs and new product launches from brands like NARS have me more eager than ever to road-test the look.

Serge Lutens Lip Comfort is available at Barneys New York at $65.00.

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