Who wouldn’t be excited to an invite to join a Zumba party? Let alone another Benetton fragrance launch?

Last week, the press and bloggers had a privilege to workout for a good half hour c/o Studio 116 in partnership with Benetton Philippines. Not only did we dance “Gangnam style” for Zumba, we were also able to try out Swing, Salsa and the newest fitness dance craze Shiba! (More on these this month after I pay a visit to their studio and try out more of their fitness and social dance classes. For those of you who can’t wait, you can visit their website, Facebook and Twitter page for more information.)

Here are some photos from the event:

With fellow beauty bloggers

Our super energetic instructor

Zumba "Gangnam style"
An attempt to do Shiba!

Our instructor's energy level never went down that night! 

After much giggling (and gasping) during the dance workout, a buffet dinner (no guilt there) followed. After which Benetton introduced their newest fragrances Let’s Move and Let’s Love. With all the Jane Fonda and fitness-inspired fashion pieces we saw on Fall 2012’s runways, the launch of these fragrances couldn’t have been more timely. 

Let’s Move (For Him) 

A refreshing scent that provides energy and optimism, this perfume is especially made for the lifestyle of dynamic, self-confident and athletic men, those sporty types who are always on the move. The bottle’s shape itself was inspired by the typical water bottle.

The composition is a fougere – ambery - spicy and is signed by burst of bergamot, mandarin and pepper leads to the heart of aromatic cocktail of geranium and lavender fused with masculine cedar wood. The base notes are warm and balsamic featuring tonka bean, amber and vanilla.

I’m particularly drawn to masculine fragrances, for some odd reason. However, I discovered at the launch that some of my fellow bloggers too feel the same way. Good thing Benetton’s fragrances are almost always unisex. I’d definitely wear this in my next workout sesh!

The fragrance is available as 40ml and 100ml eau de toilette at P950.00 and P1,450.00 respectively.

Let’s Love (For Her) 

The feminine equivalent of Let's Move, Let's Love is designed for young women who still believe in romance. Enclosed in a minimalist round bottle, this fragrance signifies elegance, charm and femininity.

The dominant note is the note of passion flower.ts floral - fruity composition optimistically opens with bamboo sap, pineapple and lily of the valley. Middle notes are ruled by passion flower, with star jasmine and raspberry. Musk, cedar wood and cashmere wood form perfume’s background. 

I’ve never really appreciated scents that are too sweet, even in my teen days. I’d recommend this to tweens and teens whose personalities tend towards the girly and the frilly. Let’s Love scent reminds me of unicorns and princesses, perfect for girls who are still in this stage. 

The fragrance is available as 30ml and 100ml eau de toilette at P850.00 and P1,450.00 respectively.