I always believe that skincare comes first more than make-up, even if I'm a make-up artist. Nothing is more beautiful than a clean, flawless canvass to start make-up on. To really witness the effectivity of a product, one must wait at lest 4 weeks to see noticeable results. However, skin experts say we should consider changing our skin care regimen every 6 months as our skin gets too accustomed to the active ingredients in cosmetics and somehow gets "immune". Thus, making these products less effective. 

Last Christmas, I received a skin care kit from one of my godmothers. It was very timely as I've just finished my last set of Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture line and as advised, should change up my skincare regimen. My gift was in the Korean beauty brand's Christmas gift bag, I was too excited to see it's from Laneige. I thought of giving this kit at least two months of usage before writing it a proper review so I can attest to its effectivity or ineffectively.


According to Laneige, their Perfect Renew Skincare line is the anti-aging care every woman needs to solve dryness, which is the root of aging. The Skin Renewal peptide in the formula restores clarity to reveal a younger-looking skin. I'm just 25 but I believe that's not young enough to not be paranoid about skin aging!

Step 1: Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

This skin refiner is like a toner you use right after cleansing. It's a gel-type of lotion you apply before all the other products to prepare your skin for nutrition and to further boost the effectivity of all the other products you'll be applying on your face. I like that it's very light and almost liquid-like.

Step 2: Perfect Renew Emulsion

Most skincare brands carry 2 kinds of moisturizers in their lines. An emulsion is just like a facial cream. Its main purpose is to deliver moisture, while still being lightweight. When readers ask me which to choose, I recommend emulsion for us who live in a humid country. Creams are meant for those who live in countries with cold and dry climates. This emulsion promises to hydrate the skin while providing essential antioxidants to fight daily skin aggressors.

Step 3: Perfect Renew Essence (Morning)

An essence is usually a potent product that has a higher percentage of active ingredients as compared to the other products in a skincare line. As for Perfect Renew, this essence has Ceramide Repair Water, Skin Renewal Peptides and Himalayan Snow Water to treat the first signs of aging. It also contains almond, pomegranate and cocoa extracts to treat fine lines, give slack skin a lift and provide an antioxidant effect against the free radicals that age skin. Used daily, this anti-aging serum promises to infuse the skin with nutrition to leave it glowing with vitality and translucency like pure snow. 

Step 3: Perfect Renew Night Treatment (Night) 

This highly concentrated anti-aging night essence reminds me of Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair not only because of the same bottle dispenser. Among the four products in the kit, this seems to be the most promising one. It's said to target the primary cause of premature skin aging as it delivers snow-derived nutrients deep into thirsty skin. Even if it's still not a problem to me as of the moment, it reassures me that it can reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. 

My verdict:

I like that even these products come in travel sizes (except the night treatment), they are enclosed in a bottle with a pump. It's so much more convenient to just pump it right off the bottle rather than dip your fingers in a pot container. It's just more hygienic. As for the night treatment's packaging, I like that it's almost the same as Estee's ANR. It feels like you're putting on a more potent product when it's dispensed by a dropper.
All of the products have a light velvety texture. Putting on 4 layers of different products on my face is no joke. It's so much more comfortable if you're layering products that are light-weight, especially with our humid climate.

After 8 weeks of usage, my skin feels suppler and more hydrated. I also noticed reduced acne scars and dark spots. Weeks of using this kit also seemed to have brightened and plumped up my skin, leaving me looking well rested. Skin sagging isn't a concern yet for me but a good week into this and I could feel my facial contours tauter. 

Overall, I'd say this is a pretty good skincare line. I'm not a fan of Korean brands, even the BB cream craze didn't buzz me. But after trying this kit out, I'm actually contemplating on trying a few more Korean beauty brands when I visit Seoul next month. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try a new anti-aging regimen. I'm 25 and I don't think that's too early to start.

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