A ton of buzz has preceded its arrival, and now the official launch of L’Occitane’s first ever makeup range is finally upon us: The brand’s new Peony cosmetics line, which was designed with the help of renowned French horticulturist Jean-Luc Rivière—who has bred and cultivated over 160 varieties of multi-petaled blooms—just launched this month. Natural peony extracts add a fragrant aroma and a softening property to the colorful array of lipsticks, Liquid Shine glosses, face color powders, and Tinted Water, a unique offering that imparts an ever so slight shimmering pink stain to lips and cheeks. To further convey the just-picked theme, each product comes in eco-friendly cardboard packaging that’s reminiscent of a nursery seed packet, and bears the name of the particular strain of peony that inspired it.