I don't know about you beauty addicts, but the first aisle I head to when at a grocery store is the toiletries aisle. We've gotten a lot of good brands over the years but somehow, they never seemed enough still. So when I heard that Kracie, a toiletry and cosmetic brand that came from Japan, is finally available in Manila, I was psyched! Established in 1887, Kracie provides high quality but reasonably priced home-use products for daily living such as body washes, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair styling products, basic skin care products, etc.

Kracie carries a lot of brands under its umbrella, but the ones available to us right now are the ff: Aroma Resort (Body lotion and cream), Himawari (Haircare), Natululu (Skin moisturisers in the form of water), Hadabisei (Facial mask) and Pure Savon (Body wash).

Kracie is exclusively available in all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.