With the advent of high definition technology, upgrading my make-up to high definition was only but necessary. Since 2009, I’ve been on the lookout for the best high-def make-up there is in the market. Oh there are lots of them – but only in the US. Sadly, we only have a good few ones to choose from in our shelves. So when I learned that Koh Gen Do finally arrived in our shores, I definitely opened up my schedule to attend their launch.

Forgive my excitement, but who wouldn’t be now that Angelina Jolie’s favorite high def make-up is finally here?? Used in over 200 movies (The Tourist, Killers, You Again, etc.) and TV series (Glee, Nikita, etc.), it is of no doubt that Koh Gen Do was made to create flawless complexion while being invisible on film. I’ve first learned of KGD during my stint in LA in 2009 at the LA Cosmetics Trade Show. Like most Japanese brands, KGD started as a skincare line that eventually added a high-performance make-up line. Aside from being high def, it’s all mineral too!

I’ve learned more about the products of KGD at the exclusive launch last October 26 at Mandarin Oriental, where chief make-up artist Morimitsu Miyamoto had a make-up demo.

Morimitsu Miyamoto had been the lead makeup artist for Dior, YSL, Nina Ricci, Karl Lagerfeld and more. While keeping his base in Paris, he actively works with A-list actors in both Hollywood and Japan.

Here are some of the products that caught my attention:

Moisture Foundation

This is their top bestseller. It’s mineral makeup cream foundation that turns into liquid foundation when applied. With 60% water encapsulated into the formula, it gives superior coverage of a cream foundation and a smooth, sheer finish of a liquid foundation. I’d recommend this to those who suffer skin dryness.

Aqua Foundation


Definitely my favorite in the entire KGD line! This foundation creates lustrous skin with a translucent finish with just enough coverage. The technology behind this foundation’s formula uses light to its advantage, bending it for a soft-focus effect. No need to thick make-up to create a flawless complexion!

Me wearing KGD Aqua Foundation as my base

Cleansing Water
This make-up remover and cleanser gently remove seven waterproof makeup and skin impurities in a single sweep. I wore Maybelline’s Great Lash for a night-out and this cleansing water definitely took everything out. I woke up without raccoon eyes the next morning. Now I bring this all the time with me at shoots where I need to change my models’ make-up looks asap!

Aside from the three products mentioned above, Koh Gen Do also offers mineral powders both pressed and loose, blushes and lip products.
Koh Gen Do is available in all Beauty Bar branches nationwide. 

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