Remember when you were still in highschool and make-up seemed to be the last thing in your head? When your kikay kit consisted only of a comb, toothbrush & toothpaste and an oil blotter? The most popular vanity product back in the early 2000 (when tweens still didn't find the need to save up for make-up unlike kids nowadays) was the oil blotter. Most of my classmates passed on a packet, sharing one film after another to their entire barkada. The only manufacturer of oil blotters was Clean & Clear. I wasn't an oil-blotter user then (my face didn't oil up as much as it does now) and I'm still not until recently. I rather blot my face with a ply of facial tissue to remove excess oil and retouch with loose powder because oil blotters tend to remove my make-up; but the new Kleenex Oil Blotter promises it won't do that. It has been proven to absorb 2 times more oil than other ordinary film blotters while still keeping your make-up intact. 

This oil blotter is said to be the new generation oil blotter for its beautifully adorned floral backsheet design, which acts as a discreet layer to prevent oil from seeping through. This helps to protect and keep your fingers clean! At the same time, this layer also prevents embarrassing moments as it prevents the oily scene to be seen by others around you. Perfect for social scenarios!

Kleenex Oil Blotter is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores and specialty beauty stores nationwide at SRP ₱94.75.