Kanebo. Everyone seems to know this brand but little do we know that it's actually a global cosmetics umbrella that brought us favorite brands such as Lunasol, Impress and Kate. They have recently launched Kanebo as a brand itself just this year January in Japan and just last week in Manila at Shangri La Fort.

Kanebo wants to offer us women a new kind of prestige  natural, realistic but brilliant. Relatable but of refined quality. And this character definitely shows in the makeup and skincare they carry.

Basic makeup line up of Kanebo has the most flattering shades to achieve natural beauty.

Elegant packaging that mimics the flow of water, a very important element in Kanebo skincare.

Here's what you need to know about their products, from base to color makeup:

Kanebo Glow Primer

An makeup primer that leaves your skin looking glowingly soft and evenly toned by infusing “5R color”. SPF 10.

Full Radiance Foundation

A refreshing and translucent foundation that envelopes skin in a lustrous veil with refreshing moisture for instant radiance. SPF 25.

Control Finish Powder

Soft and light refined powder that provides flawless coverage of the skin. Leaves skin looking bright, translucent and velvety smooth. 

Variant Brosse 

2 colors of blush duos that creates a healthy natural complexion by having a complimenting highlighter. 

Color Eyeshadow

A palette that includes five shades for lighting, shadowing, styling, framing and refining. 

Moisture Rouge Lipstick 

A rich creamy texture that smoothly spreads on your lips, providing vibrant color and moisture. 

Kanebo is now available in Rustan's Makati, Shangri La Plaza and Gateway. Follow them on Instagram: @kaneboph for real-time updates.