When you're starting a new phase in your life, in my case marriage, things just tend to change. I no longer have the time and energy to attend all the beauty events I'm invited to. It's a good thing actually, I get to realize what brands I truly believe in. 

Cheryl Tan, owner of Beautybox Corp that brought us the many Japanese brands that we now have in Manila, thanked me last week for always supporting their events. And honestly, I felt the other way around. I'm truly grateful that these brands consider me to be an influencer in the beauty industry. Perhaps I should also be throwing a Thanksgiving dinner!

With Beautybox Corp CEO Cheryl Tan

When I received an invite to attend K-Palette's Thanksgiving get-together, especially that it'll be held in Hajime Crossover Dining, it was impossible to say no.

And thank God I said yes! Cheryl had an entire afternoon of activities for us. Here are glimpses of what happened that rainy yet fun afternoon:

A buffet of K-Palette eyeliners, brow liners and mascaras! And each of us gets to choose six to take home! 

I was eyeing on those light browns to match my soon-to-be lighter hair colour!

Some more of K-Palette's best-selling mascaras and liners

The hilarious and sexy host Bianca Valerio added some extra fun factor into the afternoon.

The calm before the storm! Just before the rain poured AND before we swamped the K-Palette buffet! With Alyanna, Sabs, Shen, Nicole and Trixie.

Which six to get?? This somehow sums up how beauty addicts look like when at a beauty event!

My bento box of K-Palette picks consists of ombré of browns to match my ever changing shade of hair colour.

Not only did we get a box of makeup bento box, K-Palette has prepared a workshop to actually teach us on how to make a Japanese bento box.

@thebentomomma demonstrates how to do a basic bento box

Our fresh ingredients

Bento-making time!

My bento box is inspired by two geishas, whom I call Erin and Simone, my two toddler nieces! :)

And let's not forget the exquisite food Hajime had prepared for us:

Unagi sushi roll

Appetizer plate of Karaage and Salmon

Their best-selling & my personal favorite Paitan Ramen

With my husband's good friend and owner of Hajime, Larson Chan

Thank you K-Palette and Cheryl for always holding an annual Thanksgiving get-together for us! I hope you know how big of a success you are. Happy fourth anniversary, K-Palette!