Despite my intention to shy away from deep and bold colors, I always seem to end up wearing them on my face. I've experimented and tried pinks, nudes and pastels and I just end up going back to my trusty red lippies. I've recently admitted to myself that I look my best in red and fuchsia (my fresh take on red). You see as years pass by, you'll get over the experimenting phase and finally stick to a signature. And I cannot think of a more fitting shade than red for me, as friends and family would agree. I believe in the color's embodiment of sophistication, strength and passion.

And what perfect timing! Guerlain has just launched its latest collection for Fall 2012. I'm glad to hear that mostly, it's still fierce reds for this season (and some grown-up pinks). 

Guerlain’s fall collection consists of two juxtaposing collection, celebrating a woman’s  femininity and sensuality. Femme Fatale boasts of sophisticated red shades that reminds me of the 1920's glam while Femme D’Amour showcases a softer more romantic feel for that subdued beauty. Take your pick, angelic and fresh or sultry and sensual?
Rouge G L’Extrait Lip Creme (P2,500) 

Guerlain's luxurious lip bullet case is worth every buck

This is a new liquid lipstick range in the Rouge G series. It's a creamy, highly pigmented gloss-lipstick hybrid, that promises exceptional hold. The intense colour merges is non-sticky, non-drying and non-feathering and finishes off matte. The formula has rejuvenating and smoothing benefits that plumps and firms the lips at the same time. It has 7 shades that represents the 7 cardinal sins. shades, 7 cardinal sins: Gourmandise raspberry for gluttony, Orgueil plum for pride, Envie orange for envy, Avarice beige for greed, Paresse pink for sloth, Luxure ochre-brown for lust and, finally, Colère red for wrath. 

Rose Aux Joues Blush Duos (P2,500)

The sleek compact has one dominant shade for a pop of color on the cheekbones and smaller counterpart shade for contouring. The six blush duos of reds, pinks, beiges and oranges are meant to be paired with different lipstick shades.
Guerlain suggests pairing red lips Chic Pink to express femininity or Peach Boy for a sun-kissed look. Beige lips are best paired with Over Rose for a nude subdued look. Pink lips blend well with Red Hot or Pink Punk, while Golden High blush duo matches orange lips best.

Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick (P2,500)

Five new jewel shades are added to the Rouge G lipstick line: Poppy red, deep red, intense pink, brick orange and shiny beige.

Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine (P1,480)

Two limited edition shades, Sable Show and Grenade, are offered in this colleciton for that finishing touch.

Lip Liner (P1,600)

This high-precision lip liner is designed to further make lips bold and defined.

14 Les Fauves Eye Shadow (P2,998) 

This shadow quad contains 3 shades of warm brown and a bright coral. It perfectly complements whichever item you choose to buy in this collection. 

Guerlain Fall 2012 collection is available in Rustan’s Makati, Shangrila, and Powerplant Mall starting this September.

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