Three months ago, I got one of the best news a make-up addict can ever receive -- Benefit Cosmetics is finally opening in Manila! It took so much patience and willpower to not let the news out in my blog (until everyone blogged about it about a month ago!), but I finally decided that 2 weeks before its opening would be the perfect timing to write about it. And as if my timing wasn't perfect enough, I got an invite to the sneak peak of the brand before it opens!

Why do I personally love Benefit? Let me count the ways:
1. It's the first make-up I ever owned at the age of 16. I still have my first bottle of BeneTint on my shelf. It reminds me that when make-up starts to get complicated, I should probably go back to basics.
2. It's simple. No need to decode anything with Benefit. Undereye circles? Erase Paste. Huge pores? Porefessional. You have a problem, Benefit gives you the simplest solution.
3. It's fun! With all the witty names and uber cute packaging, putting make-up on is never a task!

Supermodels meet Bloggers! With Benefit's Aubrey Bautista and fellow beauty bloggers Martha, Liz & Tara.

Custom-made Benefit cookies and cupcakes!

It was a very different blogger event I must say, no lengthy presentations, no long waits, just two hours allotted to play and test Benefit products! All of us eight bloggers were like children who broke loose in a candy store! So much good stuff, we were all at a haze, not knowing which item to try first. Thank goodness for Aubrey and her beauty artists Marvin and Roxy for helping us as we grazed through the goodies, while giving us a handful of cupcakes and sparkling champagne too while we're at it!



My first stop: blushes! I've always been a fan of Hoola, their matte bronzer. I've finished three boxes of it and yesterday I had the chance to finally pick a different box to buy once Benefit opens its doors! 

I had a pretty difficult time choosing. So I did a sample swab on the back of my palm before picking which one to test on my face. I like Sugarbomb the best with 4 colors in the cube, though the best-seller is the new Bella Bamba, a pinkish plum rouge with hints of silver shimmer. Coralista's light coral shade with hints of gold shimmer reminds me of Nars Orgasm blush.

From left to right: Sugarbomb, Coralista & Bella Bamba

This article may not come to an end if I post all the swabs and documentation of our product testing! So let me just show you the end product of the test, my photo with my chosen Benefit items on my dear face.

What I used:
Erase Paste  1,400.00
Though there's no need for me to test this salmon-hue concealer, I still decided to start with it to cover up any undereye darkness I might've had that day. I've been using this for two years now! I highly recommend this to anyone who has under eye problems as hint of orange in this concealer cancels out blue and purple discolorations.

Hello Flawless!  ₱1,600.00
This is one of Benefit's top sellers. I chose to use the brush instead of the sponge for a sheer finish.
High Beam  ₱1,400.00
The perfect product to dab on your brow bone and cheekbone to catch light. I've been using this on clients for three years now. It's your supermodel in a bottle!

Sugarbomb  ₱1,600.00
This is one of the many blushes Benefit has. I like the idea that it has four complimenting shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose that I can swirl and apply on my cheeks. If I'm in the mood for a warmer look, I'd add more peach. If I feel like being more subdued, I'd add plum. So flexible!

Hoola  ₱1,600.00
Because I'm tanned from my recent trip and because contouring is best done with a bronzer without too much shimmer. Oh, I also applied a sweep of this on my lids.

Brow Zings  ₱1,600.00
Benefit's brow-shaping kit. A little goes a long way!

Magic Ink  ₱1,100.00
For all the drama and intensity an Asian eye needs, this liquid eyeliner is sinfully black!

They're Real! Mascara  ₱1,200.00
This lengthened and curled my lashes with one sweep, with zero clot. No wonder this is closing in to the cult favorite BadGal Lash!
Ultra Shines  ₱900.00
All my look needed was a hint of lip color with a full gloss effect. My lips didn't feel messy or sticky when I had a bite on my cupcake! 

If these products don't excite you, maybe their price points will. If you noticed, they're priced almost the same as it is in the US. Benefit Philippines promised us that their price points are aligned with the rest of Asia, and even lower than Singapore!

Thanks to the Chief-Fun-Officer of Benefit for the exclusive Sneak Peak! I couldn't think of anyone better-fitting than her for the job!

Happily "made-up" beauty bloggers with the entire Benefit team

See you on December 15, 2011 at Greenbelt 5 people! Mark your calendars. The boutique opens to the public at 12:30nn!

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