Why would you choose a similar shade of lipstick worth thousands over a tube of the same shade that's just a hundred bucks? I understand the lure of just getting a “dupe” instead of a more expensive brand, but if you’re anything like me who finds joy in all things pretty, splurging makes sense. Not only does the chic packaging gets me sold, but the peace of mind that comes with having the best ingredients and pigments be applied on my face is worth the extra cash out.

A few weeks ago, LuxAsia, the premier group that manages my favorite luxury cosmetics brands invited the media for an International Press Shopping Day where we were given credits to shop for our top picks from the holiday 2016 collection of Guerlain, Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden.

Shiseido boasts of skincare and cosmetics best suited for Asian skin.

Cosmetics that gives the most luxurious feel to the skin, thanks to Guerlain.

Arden Beauty is all about the most potent ingredients and formulas that went through tedious years of R&D.

And here's a few of my favorites from Holiday 2016:

Maquillage Dramatic Lip Treatment

This lip treatment envelops the lips with beauty oil on every application, conditioning chapped lips to keep them soft and plump. I like using it prior to lipstick application as it makes any lipstick smooth on evenly and effortlessly.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge

The 16 shades for Holiday 2016 has extraordinary spectrum of reds for any skintone. Every vibrant red color gives lasting luster and rich moisture. I got three of these!

Top three picks: Rose Crush, Sweet Desire and Rum Punch

Shiseido Snow Beauty Compact Powder

This limited edition compact of translucent powder is perfect for touch-ups. It contains tranexamic acid which effectively prevents and treats pigmentation resulting in a whiter skin tone. It's perfect for those who has existing freckles and dark spots. 

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Skincare Regimen

First signs of aging? Keep calm and pat on some Arden skincare! Reclaim your flawless skin with this daily moisture regimen that hydrates and immediately brightens skin. It also helps smooth the look of pores and minimize the appearance of discolorations like those caused by blemishes. Something we in the early 30's should invest in!

Green Tea Nectarin Bossom

The scent is a reminder of endless summer days against a backdrop of fleeting sunlight! It's refreshing, effervescent as it is flirty. Bursts of fruit, citrus, green tea and juicy nectarine are drizzled over a bright floral bouquet and soft musks.

Thank you LuxAsia for the treat! I headed your boutiques for some holiday 2016 items I just can't get off my head. Do check out Guerlain, Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden for the beautiful selection they have for us this holiday 2016, whether it's for yourself or a loved one.