Whenever I see a new ad on a product promising instant whitening, I always look the other way. Have any of you, really found one that can actually lighten the skin instantly? It seems like a long shot, and in my experience and from what I've heard, all those products promising that just ends up disappointing.

Clearly, the beauty industry heard our woes and had finally come up with one that does lighten the skin instantly. Yes, you've read right. INSTANTLY. And I'm not just talking about a subtle difference. The instantaneous effect, I promise, is obvious!

Shiro Ashi Hime is a japanese instant body lightening cream that, well, does just that. 

This lightening cream can be used on the entire body and face. For the face, it's can cover up blackheads, pores, bruises, dull skin, scars, ingrown hair and freckle marks. What interests me more is how it can actually improve skin on my body. So here's the test, with the top arm without it and the bottom arm with a pea-sized amount applied onto it:

See what I mean by 'obvious' effect? As seen, my arm definitely brightened and lightened. I also noticed my skin tightening, thanks to the coffee and tea extract in the formulation. Upon reading the ingredients list, it also contains Arbutin Chamomilla extract that are known for their moisturizing properties. 

It was also easy to apply and blend it onto the skin with it's light and fluffy texture. And! It doesn't stain clothing and gets absorbed easily. 

So far, no allergies or irritation in my experience. At the end of the day, you may just wash with soap and water to remove it. 

Shiro Ashi Hime is exclusively distributed by Beauty Box Corp and can be purchased online or at all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.