Aside from visiting my two-month old niece, I flew to Bangkok last week to attend one of Asia's most prestigious cosmetics trade show. In-cosmetics Asia was designed and established for cosmetic manufacturers, formulators, scientists and sales & marketing experts keen to meet exhibiting personal care ingredient suppliers. I already have a fair share of experience in the marketing and creative side of the beauty industry, I thought maybe it's time I learn the technical aspect of it. The focus of the trade show was on educational seminars and new product development, showcasing cutting-edge innovation in Asia. 

I was in awe the entire duration of my booth hopping at the show. It's amazing how cutting-edge and advanced the ingredients the exhibitors were showcasing, from nanotechnology (better absorption of active ingredients in the skin) to unispheres (micro spheres you can inject with active ingredients) to high-end mica particles (color make-up pigments). It was kind of overwhelming to comprehend and digest all the technical illustrations and demonstrations of the exhibitors. I'm sure I was only able to pick up half of it.

The most helpful portion of the show was the Marketing Trends seminar. The Innovation seminar was good and informative too but I guess I'll always be a marketer first before an innovator. 

"Social Media & Video Marketing for your Cosmetic Brand" by Mr Rachit Dayal

In BITEC, Bangkok

With over 4,700 visitors attending the event (+36% on Bangkok 08), in-cosmetics Asia is officially the most popular personal care ingredients show in Asia. I can't wait for next year's show!

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