Before our wedding, my husband and I had an entire day of "practice" during our pre-wedding shoot and boy, it takes a fearless pump of vision and confidence to nail those fierce poses. My advice? Get a really really really good photographer who has a team who can teach you to pose and cheer for you while you're doing those poses.

I remember, aside from the retouch kits and clothes in the van where we change in between layouts, were Swish sprays to help us have fresh breath all day long. Today, Swish proves once again that it is on board in pumping us up with confidence in those life-defining moments and photos as it collaborates with the ever sought-out celebrity wedding photographer Oly Ruiz. And yes, I am a proud Metrophoto bride! He was also the one who took the stunning prenup photos posted above.

In case you haven't heard (I doubt!), Oly is known for his captivating, dramatic wedding photos. We got this multi-talented genius to reveal his secrets: 

1. Plan it out. A self-confessed control freak, Oly sees to it that everything that they can control about the shoot has been planned out. “At least if you’ve prepared and tried to control everything you could, you’ll only have to worry about a small number of things, like the weather!” Treat it like pro shoot: the hair is perfect, the styling is on point, the couples primed and well-rested with clear skin and fresh breath. For an insta-boost and pumped up confidence, you can even have a SWISH breath spray handy for a fresh spritz in between shots.

2. Make an effort to be different. If you have a concept in mind but you feel like it’s been done to death, keep on fleshing it out until you find a way to make it different from everything else you’ve seen so far. Oly reveals that he never shoots in the same location twice, just to make sure that all the shoots are unique for each couple that he handles.

3. Think of what you can add to the photo to level up. Shooting in Santorini? Awesome. Shooting in Satorini naked while covering yourself up with your wedding dress? You went up a whole lot of levels. For those who aren’t comfortable with animals or nudity, there are other ways to bring your photos up a few notches—think gorgeous locales, or natural phenomenon happening in the background (Oly tried to catch the Aurora Borealis once for a shoot!).

4. Don’t be afraid to strike a (dangerous) pose. Oly admits that the more dangerous the pose is—say, being on the edge of a tall building or swimming with whales—the more people will want to see your photos, and remember it. Take your cue for your photographer for more ideas. Take his lead, and pump up those ideas with an unbridled imagination.

5. Consider the harmony of colors. It takes a trained eye to figure out what colors go well together, and luckily for Oly’s couples, he approves all the clothes, just like what’s done during fashion editorials. “That’s something that people don’t realize but is so important. Colors convey emotions, and everything should go well together. The clothes can’t clash with the location and the other elements of the shoot.”

6. Find something iconic, but not in an overdone way. Photos with elephants in Thailand? Expected. But shooting the couple while they’re on top of the elephants gives the shots that much needed wow factor. Find the essence of your location, and find a different way to attack it.

7. Take photos in all angles. Just like with fashion editorials, a whole day’s worth of work will be whittled down to the finished product of more or less 10 pages in the magazine. The same goes with wedding shoots—four hours of work for Oly translates into around 250 to 400 photos, but his secret to making all those photos different is by taking shots in all angles possible. “That’s how you level up, and that’s how you give value to your couple.”

8. Project like it’s all about you. Oly’s aesthetic is that even if the couple is amidst a jaw-dropping location with grandiose elements, he makes sure that the couple is still the center of attention. “Like when you look at paintings, you know where the painter wants you to focus on. It’s beautiful all around, but you know where your eyes should be looking at. The couple will always overpower whatever else is in the photo with them.”

And you've heard it. No more excuses to not project your best self in front of the camera. It doesn't hurt to get a little bit of help and get that confidence from within with a stash of Swish breath sprays. I myself have at least one of these in my purse, car and just about everywhere for days when I know I need that extra push.