Apart from all the Christmas jingles playing in the malls around the metro, I hardly felt December kicking in so quickly. I was hearing mass with a friend yesterday and it suprised me when Father spoke about lighting the first advent during Homily. How time flies! And how little time I have to shop for family and friends for Christmas!

Just right when I was about to panic, I remembered attending Zen Zest's Diva Off Challenge last week at Red Box Greenbelt. I wasn't able to stay for the program proper where I heard most of my fellow bloggers belted out their favorite tunes, but I was able to stay in to hear all about their gift sets for this holiday season. 

I don't know about you guys, but I always receive perfumes and colognes as presents. It's understandable and quite obvious, really, why fragrances make an easy choice when gifting; (1) because people generally like fragrances; and (2) because they're less risky to give (no need for exact dress and shoe sizes!). 

So for those of you who, like me, are about to panic as to what to give your loved ones this Christmas, Zen Zest Asia might just have the right answer for you. Here are some of their sets I recommend:

This Body Wash and Bath Loofah Sets (80ml) is available in Pink Tulip and Daydream. This is Zen Zest's most affordable set, at only P75.00! 

To those of you who can't decide if your BFF is a fruity or a floral gal, get the Body Mist Set for Women that includes two different 80ml bottled scents for only P99.00. Available in Pink Tulip, Pink Peony, Daydream, and Baby Powder.

And let's not forget the men in our lives! Pick two scents of Body Mists For Men at P99.00.

Feeling a bit generous? Go for the Body Mist Set for Women in bigger 120ml bottles at P120.00. Available in Berry Blush and Cotton Body.

Some people don't like spraying scents on themselves but still appreciate a pleasant-smelling surrounding. Zen Zest's Room Fragrances include Anti-Tobacco for those who want to keep the smell of smoke at bay; Anti-Mosquito that's made specifically for baby rooms; Kitchen Scent to fill in your dining room with the scent of freshly brewed coffee; and Cabinet Deodorant to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh off the laundry. 

Nothing reminds me more of Christmas than the smell of cinnamon! Fill any room with Christmas spirit with two Limited Edition room scents: Christmas Spirit Room Fragrance (sweet cinnamon and berries) and Winter Wonderland Room Fragrance (spicy cinnamon and clove) at P99.00 for an 80ml bottle and P250.00 for a 250ml bottle.

For more details about their products, visit Zen Zest Asia's website or like their page on Facebook.

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