valentino_1968_main.jpgThere I was last week, getting perked up for yet another season of New York Fashion Week shows, when a segment on how the whole shindig came about came on YouTube. WNYC, an NPR station, provided the history of the bi-annual event -- I thought it would be fun to pass on some of the cool things I learned:

1. NYFW actually started during World War II, as, for the first time, allies of the French were cut off from fashion news due to the occupation of Paris by the Nazis.

2. Publicist and fashion-enthusiast Eleanor Lambert is the woman to thank
 for coming up with the idea of a press week that would showcase clothes in the New York market.

3. The first NYFW included a portion called "Borough Belles," with the styles of women from the five boroughs. "Brooklyn and Manhattan girls are opposite types," said Lambert at the time. (Guess some things never change!)

Listen to the whole thing here!