One of the best innovations in beauty would probably be makeup primers. Smoothing it onto skin creates an even canvas for makeup and also helps ensure your products will last several times longer than they would normally do. It's a makeup artists' top weapon for sure. Hairstylists, don't dismay as I've just learned that a hair primer — a formula that will extend the life of your coif, has just been launched. Living Proof has just debuted their Prime Style Extender, a hair primer that claims to hold any look for double the time of other products and is designed to work equally well on straightened hair and voluminous strands. The pre-styling product, which is formulated for all hair types, is oil-free and features emollients to smooth cuticles and detangle strands. The secret in the formula is OFPMA, a molecule that repels dirt and oil and protects hydrogen bonds. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and test whether it actually works. Not only that, Jennifer Aniston has just recently joined Living Proof as co-owner and haircare spokesperson. Now, who's out of their mind enough to not want Jen's hair?

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