During my short trip to Hong Kong last week, I finally had the chance to check out H&M's cosmetic line. I wasn't really excited to see it. I mean, I'd probably be better off buying from a brand that makes cosmetics, not clothes. And it's a good thing I didn't expect so much because really, there was a lot of cosmetics but I hardly had the desire to buy any of it. Here's why:

Presentation looks cheap, so as the plastics they're enclosed in.

Eyeshadow palette offers only metallic finishes. I'm not sure with the pigments as there was no tester to try out, but it seems like some of H&M customers did try the ones on the shelves. Look at those finger prints on the turquoise and bronze shadows! Priced at HK$69.90

Eyeshadow Duo at HK$29.90

Eyeshadow Quad at HK$49.90

This is the only kind of brush available at HK$39.90.

False lashes at HK$39.90.


Toiletries and bodycare products at HK$39.90.

Beauty supplies (Hello Kitty and Betty Boop) starting at HK$29.90.

Some gift sets at HK$59.90 and HK$39.90.

By H&M is the sub-brand name of H&M’s own make-up and skin care products. This product line is really huge, containing a wide range of cosmetic products in carefully coordinated colours for both women and men. The range also includes body care products and accessories such as brushes, make-up bags and toilet bags. H&M is said to update the entire range each season and coordinates it with the collections. 

I would rather they made the range of products smaller but with better quality. I wasn't really impressed a bit. I ended up buying nothing.

*My apologies for the poor quality photos. I wasn't able to bring my camera and just used my Blackberry for the shots above.