I've always loved summer. It's the only time of the year when you can go a bit playful and experimental and get away with almost anything, fashion-wise. And with the runway trends tilting towards more vibrant colors, why not head that way too in choosing the colors to put on our tips?

Girlstuff, one of the local brands I truly believe in, has recently launched their colorful summer collection and Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat, a revolutionary product that can make any nail color glow under UV lighting! Last March 15, friends from media gathered at Relik Tapas Bar, a place that was totally restyled like as if we were back in the 90's rave era!

It was fun while it lasted, I forgot the last time I got in a 'bar'!

Glow sticks and headbands were provided to make the launch all more fun!

It's not a Girlstuff Forever event without a mani!

F.L.Y. Shades to take home to match our summer nail colors!

So how does the process work? Apply any nail lacquer and just top off with Solique's UV-Glow Gel Top Coat and that's it! I chose to go neutral with my favorite Solique nail color Hush, topped off with the UV-Glow Top Coat. 

This is how it looked like under natural lighting

...and look how it glowed once the lights were turned off!

Not only does this Top Coat only glows in black light or UV Light, it also increases shine on any manicure and pedicure. It gives long lasting protection to prevent chipping, dulling and wear-out. And most importantly to us who chooses to do our own nails, dries instantly!

The Girlstuff Rave Summer Collection consists of four playful shades for the sunny days ahead: Lounge (neon green), Breakbeat (vibrant orange), Techno (bright pink) and Chill (aqua blue)

My manicure from the event lasted me a good whole week without needing to remove them because yes, Solique's promise is true! No chips and color wear-out happened. And they're so affordable, I can't even describe glad I am a local brand came out with quality nail polish at a price point that won't make you think twice of getting all their colors!

5th day of my nails and no chips or color wear-out.
Jewellery by OrnamentO

Girlstuff is available at SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM San Lazaro, SM Megamall, Glorietta 2 and Alabang Town Center. For updates, follow them on Facebook and on Instagram: girlstufforever