It seems like the ongoing theme of my summer shopping spree has been all about exfoliation. Ever since I tried The Spa's Refining Body Wrap, I got so hooked on regularly having my skin exfoliated at least twice a week, which is by the way the recommended frequency to maintain a healthy skin cell turn-over (But then again, who has the time?). L'Oreal Paris Body Expertise Exfotonic does just that. 

It took me years to find the perfect exfoliator for my skin that I can depend on to remove my dead skin cells and instantly brighten my skin, but the search was a painful endeavor as most scrubs I tried were too harsh that some literally ripped my skin off. Either that or some were too 'mild' that it didn't do a thing that a body wash can do. But L'Oreal's Exfotonic was the perfect balance. The translucent gel that contains micro-beads smooths rough skin and slough away dead skin cells, without rubbing off moisture off my body. Thanks to the incorporated AHAs that help stimulate cell renewal. Every after scrubbing the fragrant gel on my body, I always get off the shower with my skin feeling toned and revitalised. For optimum results, I finish off with moisturizing lotion and body oil. This is just exactly what I would surely do before hitting my next beach getaway to have my skin reflect the sun's rays with its summer glow!