It has been the longest time since I last wore contact lenses. "Style Over Comfort" has been harder to pull off these days since I've added 'mother' to my many hats I wear. I'd sign up right away for anything that is both stylish and comfortable. Case in point, Alcon new's ‘freedom’ contact lenses that launched last week at i-Darts Dash BGC.

Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses deliver blink-activated moisture for refreshing comfort throughout the day. It harnesses the power of every blink to boost comfort and dynamically reinfuses the tear film. “A stable tear film is important for good visual acuity, comfort and a successful contact lens-wearing experience,” said Dr. Dichoso. With its multiple moisturizing agents, Alcon Dailies contact lenses provides an initial cushioning effect and enhances comfort throughout the day.

I was able to touch the lens and I can barely feel it in the solution. Imagine how this lightweight lens would feel on your eyes, like nothings in it.

We've heard from their brand ambassadors their testimonials on these new contact lenses.

Fourteen year-old Christiana Amanda Lauren Romano is an outgoing, athletic “tweenager” who is a varsity tennis player of her school. This is despite the fact that Callie (her nickname) has high-degree myopia and wears prescription eyeglasses.
“Having to wear eyeglasses in school, during social activities and while playing sports was really tough for her,” says Callie’s mother, commercial model Dimples Romano. “She felt self-conscious about her movement and had to constantly adjust her eyeglasses when playing tennis.”

Like many parents, Dimples admits having the notion that contact lenses were only for adults. “Fortunately, I heard about the Alcon ‘freedom’ contact lenses and how safe, effective and convenient it is for teenagers to wear. Thanks to Alcon Dailies contact lenses, Callie now has more confidence and more freedom to move, enabling her to reach her full potential as an athlete, student and young woman.” 

The UK study compared teenagers who wore Alcon Dailies contact lenses to those that wore eyeglasses. It showed that Alcon Dailies contact lenses were easy for teenagers to learn to use, even if they have not handled contacts before. After wearing Alcon Dailies contact lenses, teenagers felt safe and comfortable wearing it. Also, teenagers wearing Alcon Dailies contact lenses believed that it was a good way to see well. 

“I live my life to the fullest—from tapings, shopping, traveling, and playing sports. Alcon Dailies contact lenses will surprise you at how comfortable, convenient, and affordable contact lenses can be,” said athlete and TV host Gretchen Ho.
Gretchen Ho and Callie Romano are among the more than 1.9 billion members of Generation Z.1 Born between mid/late 90s and today, GenZ are very tech-dependent and have known the Internet their whole life. For GenZ people, it’s all about freedom—freedom to see life more clearly, freedom to experience life without borders, freedom to express their self and connect with others, and freedom to be all that they can be.

“Parents play a big part in teenagers’ move to contact lenses,” said Dr. Jeanette Romualdez, Professional Affairs Consultant, Alcon Vision Care. A survey done in Italy, Spain and Portugal showed that the majority of parents are ready to let their teenaged children wear contact lenses. Seventy-two percent of parents agreed teens should wear contact lenses, 80% of parents who wore contact lenses were willing to say “yes” if their children asked for contact lenses, and 67% of parents expressed a preference for both contact lenses and eyeglasses.

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