Hello everyone! First, I want to say many thanks for all the wonderful messages and feedbacks I've been receiving from you guys! However, I cannot ignore the fact that most of you who've been following me still thinks DIOR CO is a cosmetics company affiliated with Christian Dior cosmetics (Christian "Dior Co"mpany). I've been referred to as "it" instead of "she". So just to clear the air and end my frustration (Though I'm still very grateful my parents named me after the perfume. I dare say my name made a huge contribution as to why I ended up in the beauty industry.): I'm not a representative of Christian Dior Cosmetics; I'm not a company per se; My first name is really DIOR and my last name is CO (A common last name of Chinese descent); and I am a real person named DIOR CO! I hope that corrects everyone's surmise and answers everyone's queries! It's amusing and at the same time frustrating but I cannot blame you, my name is too "branded" for its own good, false impression is inevitable.

Yep, that's me! 

Again, Dior Co is not a company or a brand, it's actually the name of a real person -- your resident beauty blogger!