Crackle nail polish; orange eyeshadow; hair feathers. The beauty trends of spring and summer were audacious, bohemian, and sometimes, downright insane.

Luckily, for our beauty sanity, the trends for this fall are way more understated. Models on runways were rocking modern takes on classic looks with bold brows, skin-flattering lip colors, and barely there foundation. Here are 10 makeup looks from Fall 2011 Fashion Week that will help you tiptoe into the new season.

1. Handsome Beauty
Fall's masculine/feminine trend necessitated a borrowed-from-the-boys primping mantra. "Handsome beauty” if you must call it. The look is composed of sculpted cheeks, bare skin, and greasy brown lids with sleek hairstyles, as seen in both Narciso Rodriguez and Rochas.

2. Bold Brows
Maybe it’s because of the the menswear influence, eyebrows continue to define faces and make statements. However, last season’s blonde eyebrows are now replaced with bold, boyish and above all – full eyebrows. Think bushy yet groomed.  To succeed with this look, as a rule-of-thumb, it is always better to go one shade lighter then your actual eyebrow color when making them look fuller.

3. Neutral Nails 
Spring's avant-garde nail art and bright lacquers persisted at the beginning of the season, as seen at both Prabal Gurung and Topshop Unique fall shows. But before long, a shift toward a less-is-more mentality started, particularly at Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent runways. Beige, natural and pale pink are your best bets.

4. Red Pouts
Don’t put away your red lipsticks just yet – makeup’s most iconic statement continues to rule the catwalk. This season there are range of reds to choose from in bright, matte, glossy and bold shades and textures. Take your pick and team it with a fresh face. If you still haven't invested in a statement-making scarlet bullet, this season would be the best time to do so.


5. Flashes of Color
Other strong statements this season are strategically placed colors. At the shows they were used to add a flash of color to eyes, lips, nail, hair and even eyebrows. Take caution though, when trying this trend it is safer to choose one area for your color-pop and leave the rest of the face neutral. 


6. Perfect Complexion 
Beautiful skin is always in style and this season we see great emphasis on complexions. Layers of super fine foundation built up models skin, cheekbones were gently contoured and a fresh flush of peachy blush was added for a healthy warm look. Plain face, great eyebrows, carved-out cheeks and flesh-toned lips is what you need for this trend – sometimes it is quite nice not to be overly made up.

7. Spider Lashes
Say goodbye to arachnophilia, ladies. At many shows this season the thick mascara was teamed up with inky liners to further frame the eyes. Both top and bottom lashes were treated to multiple slicks of black pigment for a thick and—a new addition to our ever growing beauty lexicon—"cloggy" effect. To get the full effect of spidery lashes, you will need to pile on 3-4 coats of mascara. If you do not have long lashes, try adding some single false eyelashes to achieve a fuller frame.

8. Bold Liners
Twiggy and co. didn't rely on mascara alone for their amped-up eyes. Eyeliner also factored into the sixties agenda, as it did on the Fall runways, getting a slew of artful updates. At Marc Jacobs, François Nars etched a "droopy" black stroke, like "a grandmother who's a bit eccentric that puts on her eyeliner wrong." Designers like Lanvin, Derek Lam and Louis Vuitton opted for a more graphic effect with black liners and smudged shadows. This look translated well in Hollywood, and has been very popular with celebrities. Kim Kardashian’s eye makeup is a good example of this makeup trend.

9. Smoky Metallics
This season, designers took the subtler smoky eye from spring/summer 2011 and added metallic to really give the eye a wow-factor. We saw shades of gold on eyes at Dries Van Noten and Roberto Cavalli, silvery-blue shadow at Chanel and amethyst shadow at Vera Wang just to name a few. To copy the look, dust loose shimmery shadows on top of any shadow. Make sure to dust off excess product from your brush before application to avoid it falling into your eyes. If you do not want to over-do the shine, just add shimmer in the inner corner of the eye to make them sparkle.

10. Reinvented Ponies
If ponytails conjure visions of the girl next door, you weren't paying attention this season. The classic ponytail reinvents itself this season and can come in any imaginable incarnation from high on the crown to very low, from glossy and posh to tousled and sporty, to barely hanging on as seen at Balmain’s show. Wearing a pony is the best choice if you don’t want to look over-styled or like you have tried too hard. A trick to make a simple ponytail look amazing is to wrap a section of the hair around the pony’s base to camouflage the elastic band. For the barely hanging on ponytail, try teasing the hair a little to help the elastic to stay put.

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