Despite being a fan of once-in-awhile pampering, I must admit I hate facials. I hate having to lie down for half an hour or more just to have someone massage my face. But it's something I do as I believe in its benefits of improving circulation and promoting rejuvenation. Don't you just wish this is something we can do at home, all by ourselves in just one minute or two? Who has the time for weekly facials anyway?

God must have heard my plea, as Japan's no. 1 exfoliator is now available in the Philippines! Cure, or the so-called facial in a bottle, sells one bottle in every 12 seconds!

Cleanse, tone, moisturize. That's the usual three-step approach we're accustomed to. But new studies suggest that exfoliation should be part of our regimen too. Exfoliation's purpose is to eliminate accumulated dead skin that slows down skin turnover which then causes pimples, dry skin, oily skin,dull skin, skin pigmentation, dark spots and signs of aging. Exfoliated skin absorbs moisture and skincare ingredients better too! 

Traditional exfoliations such as chemical peeling and scrubs with beads can be too harsh for our skin. Cure's approach is efficient yet gentle as it removes approximately 0.01mm in measurement of dead skin without damaging skin. Results are immediate in just one use. Prolonged use once every week improves skin texture and elasticity. It's preservative- and fragrance-free and 90% of the ingredient is hydrogen water.

To see how it works and how it should be used, see illustration below. You may also watch the video here.

I tried Cure first on my foot since it's the area that accumulates a lot of dead skin. 
Mid-way through exfoliation. Look at those dead skin!
Comparison: Camera right foot exfoliated with Cure; Camera left foot un-exfoliated. 
See the difference especially on the toes.
Here's also an FAQ sheet from Cure to help you with any concerns: 

CURE Natural Aqua Gel will be available in the Philippines exclusively through the Beauty Bar stores nationwide starting in April at P1,500.00 for a 250ml bottle. 

For more updates on Cure Natural Aqua Gel, like its official PH Facebook page.