Whenever I hold private one-on-one or group makeup classes, the one thing my students are eager to learn is how to do the eye makeup. And yes, it's the most challenging tedious part of any makeover that most of us just leave it out when we do our faces.

This year, The SM Beauty Store encourages us not to skip our eyes and teaches us the basics on how to achieve eyes on fleek! By offering us great deals on eye makeup from brands under its roof, SM Beauty tells us that there's no excuse to not attention to our eyes anymore.

The SM Beauty Eyes on Fleek Sale is ongoing for the entire month of October. And just to give you a peek on what's in store, here's what happened last September 28, where media friends such as yours truly had a chance to preview what the Eye Fest is all about.

First, we had a chance to have a personal makeover or have a beauty stylist assist us in creating an eye makeup look.

Eager to try out bold shadows, attention-catching eyeliners and lush mascaras on the makeup table

Products from Revlon, Covergirl and Maybelline I chose to create sultry eyes that afternoon

Afterwhich, guests had the opportunity to have their portraits taken by Melson Bologaita, a fashion commercial photographer.

We had the entire afternoon to try out the best eye makeup each makeup brand has to offer. 

Sleek i-Divine shadow palettes

Majolica Majorca's range of mascaras

Happy Skin Glam Squad Eyeshadow Duos

Games and activities were prepared by brands and we were able to grab some prizes, too!

Don't miss out and head over to The SM Store now to learn about the key eye trends of the year and take advantages of their month-long discounts and promos!