Last week, makeup artists and beauty bloggers were invited to an exclusive intimate afternoon tea to meet with Amy Lennane of Eye of Horus Australia. On the way to Lusso, I was already pondering on what they might have in store for us. Another eye product I imagined as Eye of Horus is a brand that's been well-known for their high-quality eye products.

Early birds Sab and I with Amy Lennane

But surprise, surprise! I arrived seeing the entire Glamourbox team tattooed up with shiny metallic tattoos! Sheets of Eye of Horus Metallic Icons tattoos were spread out on the table, having us choose which ones to apply on our body.

Each sheet sells at P450.00

Similar in application but different in quality and intensity with the ones which are widely sold online (especially on Instagram!), these Metallic Icons are temporary body tattoos that come in different designs inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Eye of Horus Metallic Icon just below my elbow

Lotus Metallic Icon on the back of my palm

In both photos above, I was wearing both Blink Ink and Metallic Icons tattoos. Notice how different they are. The Eye of Horus ones were much more metallic and foil-like in finish while the Blink Ink ones were more subtle. A good analogy would be to compare these tattoos to real jewellery – the Metallic Icons are 24K gold (more intense and yellow) and the Blink Ink tattoos are 14-18K gold.

The afternoon tea with the ladies didn't end there as Amy had more things to announce that excited us! New eye products that's going to be launch end of this year and next year were discussed as well.

My favourite amongst them that I can't wait to be available in Glamourbox is the Ultimate Brow Define that's launching in December 2014.

It's available in three shades and comes with a mascara wand to groom the brows. 

Brow Define's slim pointed tip contours and fills in colour with controlled artistry for perfect arches. The Mechanical twist up never needs sharpening and once applied, the wax based formula of Candelilla and Coconut Oil stays put. With Added Castor Oil, it's made to enhance brow condition and growth.

Another good news, Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner will be adding more colours next year. This eyeliner has a felt-tip for ease of application and it dries almost instantly and has the power of staying where it is all day long. I've been a fan of Eye of Horus eyeliners and I can't wait to collect the other colours of their liquid counterpart as well! 

The four shades of Liquid Define eyeliner

Swatches of Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencils, including the newest shade Scarab Sapphire Goddess Pencil Swatch (1st in the row)

Scarab Sapphire is my new go-to eyeliner shade that's perfect for fall!

Wearing the Eye of Horus Metallic Icon on as a "third eye" and eye makeup care of Eye of Horus Cosmetics plus her hairdo, we all unanimously said that makeup artist Ara Fernando is the goddess of the day! 

Thank you Glamourbox and Eye of Horus for an afternoon of tea, scones and beauty talks!

Afternoon treats from Lusso

Eye of Horus is available in Glamourbox, both online and at their new kiosk in Trinoma. For more info, do follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: GlamourboxPH and eyeofhorusPH