I only had the nerve to try on contact lenses exactly a year ago when I met with a friend at her optical shop. I've always wanted to for the sake of having a different eye color (I have 20/20 vision, thanks Ma and Pa!) but never had the guts to touch my eye... it's way too freaky! Thanks to my friend's staff who helped me go through the process. It took us 15 minutes before I actually got it right. Back then, I got a pair of Freshlook green, blue and true sapphire. A total of 3 pairs (a bit too much for a first purchase?) because of the promo the optical shop was running that time. It felt quite uncomfortable at first and I needed to give my eyes Opti Tears drops every now and then just to retain my lenses' moisture. But the excitement I got from having a different eye color was worth the hassle. 

In Freshlook True Sapphire and Green, back in 2009 
Since that day, I started wanting getting more pairs, being the experimental junkie that I am. I searched online sellers and found that there are lots of lens brands. It felt like shopping for candy! I got better deals month after month, the lowest being ₱350 for a pair of Freshlook contact lens good for 1 month use or 4 pairs for ₱1000. I've found out too that there's such thing as fashion lenses -- those that have designs in them (swirls, stars, cat eye) or has a bigger diameter (up tp 14.88). I never tried those when I first encountered it online since one, they are much more expensive at ₱800 and two, I really like my eyes still natural-looking. However, when I visited Bangkok last week, I came across these lenses again branded GEO, the same ones I came across to in Manila. This time, since the stall in Chatuchak was selling it for just 250 Baht (₱380), I decided to give it a try.  

Geo Lens in brown, model XCM-214, diameter 14.88

Other Geo Lens designs I like as they're the most natural-looking
It's not as natural as the Freshlook lenses but the major benefit this lens gives is it can make your eyes look bigger! I also like the sheen it gives, like your eyes are watery. Some of my friends said I looked like a little girl but most of them commented that I looked Korean because of the lens. I honestly think it's because Korean celebrities use Geo lenses as seen in their magazines and print ads. Afterall, Geo lens was originated and is manufactured Seoul.

It's a shame it was only last year when I discovered how much contact lenses can change a look. It's more of a shame that I only bought 2 pairs when I was in Chatuchak. The average price is around 750 a pair here in Manila but I just received an SMS from my online seller (the same one I buy my Freshlook lens from) that it's on sale at ₱600 per pair or ₱1000 for 2 pairs! It's the best deal yet you can get for your Geo lenses.

Visit My Stylist Eyes' website or contact them at 09175193156 for the latest deals on contact lenses and to check out various designs of Geo and Freshlook lenses.