Aside from its highly pigmented formulas, MAC is also known for numerous genius collaborations. From Hello Kitty to Barbie to Liberty of London to Stacey Bendet, MAC really knows how to make its users queue for limited edition cosmetic collectibles. As of the end of Septemnber, the beauty giant unveils its latest launch, Venomous Villains, which came as a result from a partnership with Disney. Rather than curate a collection around much-loved heroines, attention was turned to the bad guys—or the evil queens, as is most often the case. Eye shadows, Lipglasses, lipsticks, face powders, greasepaint sticks, and MAC’s Penultimate Brow Marker (the better to draw those evil arches with) have been encased with compacts and tubes bearing illustrated cartoons of Snow White’s wicked stepmother, The Princess and the Frog’s voodoo king Dr. Facilier, and 101 Dalmatians‘ Cruella De Vil. My favorite collection belongs to Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, whose demon fairy, ethereal nature resulted in two shades of swoon-worthy lipstick, two Lipglasses, a soft violet Beauty Powder, and three truly amazing nail lacquers, among other products. Most exciting is that Disney provided the maestros at MAC with the Pantone colors from the original films, so you’re getting authentic evil every time you swipe on that delicious Mineralize Eye Shadow. I wonder when this evil will arrive and contaminate in our shelves in Manila.