There's nothing worse (in the world of makeup) than spending the time applying your makeup only to go out of the house to find minutes, hours, later it looks like you have no makeup on. As a make-up artist, it is my duty that the make-up I do on my clients stays as long as it needs to be. You'll probably see half a dozen of primers if you dig into my make-up kit. And it's a no miss that you'll always see this eyeshadow base in my arsenal. This genie in a bottle fulfills three of an artist's wishes: eyeshadow that lasts all day, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely no creasing. 
Apply one thin coat on cleansed lids and let it dry. A little goes a long way. It dries down almost instantly and most importantly invisibly -- creating smooth lids ready to enhance any eyeshadow you put on top of it. Some would contest that they don't want to use a base since they have oily eyelids making make-up that 'travel' throughout the day. Well, this baby is designed especially for you. It's at $18 in the US for a 10ml bottle. Grab yours now by shopping online via Sephora or have a loved one living in the West get it for you. Thanks to my cousin who refilled my stocks just last month!