Sienna Miller has been boho royalty since she made her grand entrance on the public stage during her first romance with Jude Law. In addition to her fringe-with-everything mentality and a collection of summer music festival-friendly vintage sunglasses, it was her long, flaxen hair that earned her the neo-hippie cred—always middle-parted and always with a slight natural wave. Fast-forward a couple years to “nanny gate,” and a wispy breakup bob defined her single-and-loving-it appearance. Now back with Jude (and reportedly house-hunting), the actress took to the scissors again this weekend, opting for face-framing fringe and some dark lowlights. What does it all mean? Is a short shear required to cut the man right out of your life and reclaim your independence? Do longer, looser locks and subtle bangs indicate domestic bliss? Are hair tweaks a reliable sign of life upheaval, both good and bad?