I already find it difficult to resist buying new makeup, but always find it near impossible to stay clear of Christian Dior Limited Edition products. Aside from the intricate and sophisticated design of the containers, a new CD makeup is always welcome in my Christian Dior cosmetics collection (Thanks mom for starting it all!). 

Spring makeup generally consists of romantic fresh pastels as well as colours inspired by florals. This Spring, the couture house of Dior chose his hometown, Granville Normandie, to be the source of inspiration. The number one item from this collection I could not resist is the Garden Clutch palette.

This garden-inspired compact clutch features three pearlescent shadows and two sheer glosses. It's available in two palettes, Granville Garden and Milly Garden. Since I'm in love with this year's Spring pastel trend, I chose to purchase Granville Garden instead of Milly Garden that consists of greys and plums. 


The Granville Garden luxurious compact reveals a harmony of precious pink and pale green eye shadow shades, accentuated by a deep brown hue, to emphasize eyes. A duo of apricot-tinged lip glosses complements the eyeshadows.


The best thing about this palette is that it can double as a party clutch too! The design and workmanship of the two roses are remarkable. 

It is a signature Dior clutch with soft leather-like woven texture and adorned with silvery rosebud clasps. When you hold on to the clutch, it is so sleek and smooth that it is hard to let go. It’s got a nice weight to it, holding it feels just like holding a real purse!

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