freida-pinto-curls_main.jpgFreida Pinto brought glamour to a whole new level with these glossy curls at the premiere of You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger at the Toronto Film Festival. I'm coveting her look, created by stylist Jonathan Hanousek, and now he's sharing his step-by-step instructions for how we can re-create the style on our own.

    • Begin by wrapping thin sections of hair (about one and a half inches wide) around a curling iron with a one inch barrel.
    • Before curling, spray each section with a firm hold hairspray.
    • For maximum impact, alternate the curls' direction with each section.
    • For the front sections, curl the hair away from the face. Jonathan even used two small hair extensions on the sides for added fullness.
    • After curling the entire head, flip your head over and lightly shake it out.
    • Using a wide-tooth comb, tease the hair lightly for even more volume.
    • Finish with a shine spray and another shot of hairspray to set.