Do you have those days when you just feel so lazy to put make-up on? Don't get me wrong, I love—live—for beauty products and truly believe that every women can benefit from a little makeup. But can't I have a day off? As a make-up artist, I'm really not allowed to, but I would love to go out on a Saturday and just let my skin breathe.

Turns out, there's only a minority of women who can relate with me. According to a recent Superdrug study, one out of three women wears makeup whenever she goes out—even if "going out" means a simple, unglamorous errand like food shopping. What's more, the average women waits two and a half months in a relationship before revealing her face "without the mask," and one out of ten says she wouldn't let her partner see her without a full face on, even if that means sleeping with make-up on.

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