Lackluster skin? Only two things might be happening -- either your skin needs exfoliation due to build-up of old skin cells or you need extra moisture. 

Cure gives us the basic solutions for these concerns: a facial in a bottle and a skin cream in a tube. 

I've written a review on the sought-after Cure Natural Aqua Gel three years ago. And since then, it still has been one of the products I routinely use with my other exfoliants. It's one of those products that you just need in your life!

Now let's give its sister more focus on this post, the new Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream. This lightweight moisturizing cream was originally produced for Toyo Life’s staff members that suffer from dry hands from opening the cardboard boxes that are delivered daily. Now, it's being hoarded as a super moisturizer as it helps retain hydration while preventing further drying of the skin. The texture of the cream appears as gel initially, and after massaging, it actually turn into droplets of water. I love that I get hydrated yet I barely feel that there's product on my face. It's not sticky or greasy and gets absorbed quickly into the skin right after application. 

I recommend using Cure Natural Aqua Gel twice a week and following it with Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream right after rinsing. These combo will surely give your face that radiance it has lost!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel and Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream are available in all Beauty Bar stores nationwide.