I’ve always been slightly on the fence about colored mascaras. In theory, they strike us as an interesting way to do something a little different with your typical beauty routine; in practice, they come across more juvenile than chic. They are here to stay, though, at least for the short term, making appearances in a slew of recent color collections, from YSL to Estee Lauder, and at yesterday’s DKNY show. “Donna [Karan] wanted something youthful and fresh with a fun accent,” makeup artist Charlotte Willer explained, which ultimately led her to eye embellishments. Willer mixed Maybelline’s  Eye Shadow Single in Turquoise with Vaseline and applied it to models’ lashes. A good catwalk effect, for sure, but I'm still not convinced it’s a look we could pull off in real life. Willer does have a tip for girls like us though: “Try putting it on just the outer corners of your lash line,” she recommends, for a surprise flash of color. I'm still doubtful: something for the kids or a cool add-on for makeup enthusiasts of all ages?