One of the things I'm truly religious about is my cleansing regimen. I may skip moisturizers or other steps in my skincare routine, but one thing's for sure, I never go to bed until my face is immaculately clean. Most women I know complain on removing their makeup at the end of the day that some even sleep with their makeup on. I cannot relate! I actually enjoy stripping my face off all that's left of the day and let my skin breathe, making sure not even one dot is left. 

I've probably tried a hundred of makeup removers out there, and that's not an exaggeration. I've come to realize you need different kinds depending on your skin's needs. And because your skin changes through season and time, you need several ones. 

Creer comes in two types of cleansers, one for removing light makeup and one for heavy. Both formulations are free from colours, parabens, alcohol and fragrances, making them suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

For testing purposes, I applied the new formulation of quick drying and super waterproof K-Palette eyeliners at the back of my hand. 

I waited an hour before removing it with just water and soap. In the photo below, you'd see there are remnants despite me rubbing it off.

I reapplied the super long-lasting K-palette eyeliners again and removed 2 strokes with Creer Cleansing water and 2 strokes with Creer Cleasing Water Oil In and both removed all eyeliner strokes easily as seen in the photo below:

Not only is Creer amazing at removing makeup and dirt, it's also formulated with hot spring water and Shimane Prefecture's Izumi Onzen, which is said to have beautifying properties. This product is loved for cutting short our beauty regimen in just one step. It's not only a powerful cleanser, it's also a makeup remover, toner and exfoliator in one.

The original variety is best used for days when you're wearing minimal makeup and the Oil In variety on days when you've applied thicker makeup and also long-lasting formulations of cosmetics such as silicone-based foundations and powders.

Creer Cleansing Water varieties retail at P545.00 for a 330ml and is available in Beauty Bar, SM Beauty Stores and Lazada.