I'm not one who's picky on cleansers as I feel they all just do one thing: to cleanse. I feel that cleansers have no other benefits but to cleanse and the ingredients aren't so important as you wash them away anyways as compared to lotions or serums that is left on your skin. But upon seeing Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Charcoal, I knew I needed to get myself one. Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, is a form of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous for absorption and chemical reactions. The main function of activated carbon is to soak up a variety of chemical compounds, odours and colours. Activated carbon can also serve to control the humidity in the air and is even used to absorb poison and cure toxin overdose in the body.  These properties have formed the basis for the new Pond’s cream.

Lestri Fajrinia, a rep for Unilever Research and Development Team says: “The Activated Carbon contained in the POND’S Pure White is made from the best charcoal powder, which is specifically used for beauty products. Besides removing impurities, it can also work as a scrub,” and Arief Tjakraamidjaja, POND’S Brand Manager, said that Activated Carbon contained in the POND’S Pure White is proven to be able to absorb and take away all impurities, including makeup, down to the smallest pores.

When I first tried this product,  my face instantly felt squeaky clean. It’s very foamy and not harsh at all. It removed the minimal makeup I had for the day quite well. This product also contains humectant, which is a substance that attracts water to the skin, which explains why my face feels so soft and moist after using this facial wash. It's available nationwide, SRP P80 for 50ml and P150 for 100ml.