Chanel couldn’t send me better news on this grey, cold and rainy day. After the classic and insurmountable Chanel N°5 perfume, now comes its soap counterpart, refining the art of luxurious pampering. $75 might be a lot to pay for a bar of soap but this is Chanel N°5 combined with ultra-moisturizing glycerin and transformed into an 11-ounce promise of luxurious bath experience.

It’s soft, creamy, luxurious, gentle and lathers like a dream. It smells like N°5 but in a softer, subtler way. It soothes and protects skin with vitamin E and the scent lingers warmly in the air making a bathroom the most welcoming room in the house. 

It even comes with its own Chanel-engraved soap dish.

Assuming that I'll finish this bar in two months, that calculates to $1.25 or about P50.00 per shower! But this is actuallly way less than our daily Starbucks coffee consumption. So maybe I'll just use our Dolce Gusto coffee maker for the time being until the last rose-and-jasmine-tinged suds go down the drain.

The Chanel N°5 soap is available in the US and Europe and internationally at their website.

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